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Wayne State University School of Medicine

NameCoach online voice recording tool

We ask that all students use NameCoach to voice-record their name pronunciation for the Ceremony


Using this free online tool can greatly reduce the chance of name mispronunciation.


First, type in your email address, first and last name as you would like it announced at the Ceremony, phonetic spelling, and class year.  

  • Next, enter your phone number and the system will call you and prompt you to record your name pronunciation.  

  • You can also use the web recorder option if you have a desktop/laptop with a microphone

  • You can re-record your name as many times as you like until you are comfortable with how it sounds (be sure to speak slowly and clearly, with minimal background noise).  

  • Once your name is recorded and saved in the system, press “Submit” on the website to finalize your entry.

Once you are done, we can download the recording and practice your name pronunciation so it can be read correctly at the Ceremony.

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