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Match Day RSVP and Registration Information


Registration is now OPEN !!!! 


Submit Your RSVP Form -   February 1 February 8, 2023 


All students in the Class of 2023 must register for Match Day using the link below.  Even if you are NOT planning to attend the celebration, you must register so that we have an accurate tally of all available tickets for everyone!!!  All students attend free of charge.  Guest tickets are $75 per person.  Children can attend this event but must be seated in a stroller or on the lap of an adult.  If they require a seat a ticket must be purchased.  The deadline to register is February 8 at 5 p.m. at which time you will no longer be able change your guest count.

Incentive to reduce the cost of one of your guest tickets

As an incentive for completing the 2023 Graduation Questionnaire (GQ), you will be eligible to receive a $25 credit toward one of your guest tickets and chances to win some great prizes that will be given on Match Day!  The GQ opens on February 14.


The Class of 2023 Student Senate would like to further subsidize each student's first guest ticket by an additional $40, making the first guest ticket $35 for students who do not complete the incentive survey vs. $10 for students who do.  Each additional guest ticket will be the full price of $75.


Guest Count

At this time, we need an accurate guest count and would like to avoid a ticket lottery if possible, so please register today!!!! Students will have the initial option to bring up to three guests and can request an additional 1-3 guest tickets on the registration form. If there are enough tickets available, we will fulfill all requests for additional tickets.  However, as there is a finite number of tickets, there are no guarantees that you will receive (1-3) additional tickets and it will all depend on the total number of RSVP’s that we receive. 

Again, the deadline to register is February 8 at 5 p.m.  Please register regardless of whether or not you are attending Match Day.  All registration forms are time-stamped so if you need to make a change to your guest count simply submit another form before the deadline. Guest tickets cannot be transferred between students – meaning you cannot give 1 of your 3 tickets to a classmate.  Seats are assigned at this event and tickets will not be distributed in advance.  They will be available upon check-in at the Marriott.  There is no payment due currently.  We need an accurate guest count first before we can move forward with ticket sales.


If we cannot accommodate all requests for extra tickets, we will attempt to accommodate each request by fulfilling as many requests for 1 additional ticket first and then moving to requests for a 2nd and 3rd additional ticket until we have reached capacity.  Students will be notified on February 10 as to whether their additional ticket requests were granted. 


Match Day RSVP/Registration Form


To join in the celebration online, we encourage WSU students, staff, and faculty to take photos of themselves, friends, family, and colleagues with signs of congratulations and support and share them on social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – along with the #WayneMatch2023 hashtag.

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