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Match Day

Match Day ceremony information


Ceremony format

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Presentation of envelopes

  • noon

  • Closing Remarks


Presentation of the envelopes



Ceremony etiquette

The Match Day ceremony is an exciting and memorable occasion for all of our students, but it is also a solemn one. Leaving before the ceremony has ended is disruptive and disrespectful to others. Students and guests are expected to remain for the entire ceremony.


The last student to cross the stage should expect to receive the same honor as the first, so please show consideration for all students by remaining seated until the conclusion of the ceremony.


Please refrain from excessive talking, cheering, use of noisemakers and other distractions, as this takes away from the dignity of the ceremony. Watches with alarms, cellphones and beepers can be distracting as well.


Out of respect for all students and guests, please switch all of your electronic equipment to silent, vibrate or off.



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Meeting after the ceremony

Please be sure to communicate with your guests about where to meet after the ceremony. Approximately 2,000 people will exit at the same time and it may be difficult to locate your family and guests.


To join in the celebration online, we encourage WSU students, staff, and faculty to take photos of themselves, friends, family, and colleagues with signs of congratulations and support and share them on social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – along with the #WayneMatch2023 hashtag.

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