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Graduation Requirements


Prior to graduating

An evaluation of your record must be done before you receive your diploma, and all three conditions below must be met.

  • Did you meet graduation requirements?

    • In the event you do not pass a course for which you are registered, or do not pass Step 2 CK, your graduation will not occur. 

  • Are your grades fully submitted?

    • We’re working closely with preceptors to collect grades. For those of you registered in May, it’s going to be challenging for collection, but if you can encourage your preceptor to fill out the evaluation on your last day of rotation, that would help immensely. Evaluations are being completed and grades are being loaded daily. 

  • Do you have holds preventing release of diploma? 

    • Students with holds will be notified separately of their hold via email starting in May, and weekly reminders will be sent until your hold is resolved. 


Diploma news!

  • We have great news regarding diplomas! The entire Class of 2023 will be receiving a large (11"x14") and a regular (8"x10")         diploma at no additional charge.

Degree posting

  • We will start posting degrees to your student record on May 31, 2023. You will receive an automated email indicating your           degree is posted, and it will appear on your official transcript. Once you've received this email, you can order your transcript.

Special requests

  • When will I receive my diploma? I need it ASAP because of residency, visa applications, etc.

    •  We will be issuing diplomas at Commencement. All diplomas not issued at Commencement will be dropped at the mailroom on June 9 for USPS delivery. 

  • I’m leaving town, but I don’t want to wait for the mail to receive my diploma. 

    • You can allow a classmate to pick up your diploma at commencement. Once you have confirmed that your classmate IS attending commencement, please send an email to from  your  Wayne State account, indicating that you want (Person’s name) to pick up your diploma. If you can convince your friend to ship your diploma via a faster method you’ll receive it sooner. 

Residency paperwork

  • We will start posting degrees to your student record on May 31, 2023. You will receive an automated email indicating your degree is posted, and it will appear on your official transcript. After you receive this email, you can order your transcript.

Reporting of your degree 

  • When will my lender know that I have graduated? 

    • This is complicated! Your degree confirmation will be uploaded to the National Student Clearinghouse by June 16. They will relay this information to the National Student Loan Data System during regularly scheduled data transmissions. Lenders receive this information directly from the NSLDS or the NSC on an automated basis. Since this process is one database talking to another talking to another, it can take up to 45 days for your lender to receive notice of your non-enrollment. If you lender is asking for verification of degree, or confirmation of non-enrollment, this notification is completed via the NSC or NSLDS, and we cannot intercept it. 

  • When will the AAMC Student Record System will be updated? When will the NBME site be updated? 

    • Your degree and residency information will be uploaded to the AAMC Student Record System and the NBME before June 23. 

AAMC questionnaire

  • The Medical School Graduation Questionnaire (GQ) is a national questionnaire administered by the AAMC. The GQ is an important tool for medical schools to use in program evaluation and is also used to improve the medical school experience.

  • The GQ opened on February 14, 2023 and will close June 9, 2023.

  • The AAMC has sent each participant a unique, private link to the GQ.

  • While we would very much appreciate your feedback by completing the GQ survey, please note that your completion of the survey is voluntary and you have the right to participate or not to participate. Completion of the GQ survey is not a requirement for school accreditation.

Notary public services

Ms. Nicole Collier in Student Affairs is a Notary Public for the School of Medicine. If you need Notary services, please send an email to Ms. Collier at Use the word “Notary” in the subject line.


Please, practice patience. We are working with 270 students, ensuring everyone’s residency documentation is completed, degree is certified, grade is collected, etc. We will get everything done for you as soon as we are able, and you will be able to start your residency on time and as planned. Please direct any questions to


Thanks for reaching out!

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